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How to register LLC in California or New York

If you want to open your own small LLC company you will need to take some legal steps first.

I will begin with California, their process is more technologically automated and advanced, compare to New York state. Everything available online and almost no in-person or by mail contact is required.

  1. First, you need to select a proper business name. I changed my initial company name 4 times ... Simply, because other people decided to use it, and their line of business was completely opposite to my believes. They sold sexual content and promoted gambling bets. I had to reconsider my company name. And gave up my trademark after finding this out. Let them have it. I don't want my name associated with their services. My business is about economy, travel and social reality. I am not betting, nor selling or promoting any underground entertainment. Make sure you select the name proper for your business strategy and specialty. I had "to kiss some frogs" before I found the name reflecting "me" that no one else had been using.

You can find all currently listed state businesses HERE. Make sure your business name is not matching anything already in existence. Simply to avoid tax confusion, trouble and penalties later.

2. Decide on the type of business you like to register and continue HERE.

It cost $75.00 to register LLC. Select section Business Entities and file initial registration.

$70.00 covers your registration and $5.00 for mailing of original certificate.

3. After you done with initial registration, you need to obtain original EIN from IRS. You will need it for both: state and Federal filing. If you ever decide to terminate your registration, you can also and should terminate your formal EIN. Why? To avoid multiple tax IDs and look like you may be committing tax evasion.

4. Next you will need to create "MyFTP account" for CA state registration payments.

5. And finally, remember to file annual operating statement, which costs $15.00. You can do it HERE by finding your company information here an following filing requirements. They usually self-explanatory, easy to follow. If you ever decide to terminate your LLC you can go back to the original registration page and file termination notice. It costs $10.00.


In New York state you are required to pay at least $235.00 to register LLC.

  1. You can do it HERE. You are required to file bi-annual, rather then annual statement of operation.

2. Depending on the County you live in, you may also be required to provide "Articles of publications" through the local newspaper in order to run business in their county. They basically publish newspaper ad under legal notices section for a 6 weeks, stating that "your company has been registered". If anyone has issues with either name or your type of business, they can appeal your registration during these time. After this your are good to go. I live in Onondaga County and I had to use local newspapers to publish my LLC registration. This costs around $90.00 per publishing source. For example I had to use to publish it.

3. After this you need to mail the original Certificate of Publication for Domestic Limited Liability Company confirmation directly to the State Registration office: New York Department of State, Division of Corporations, One Commerce Plaza, 99 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12231. This costs $55.00. They do offer Expedited Handling Services up top 2 hours with in person filing: $25.00 additional per document for processing within 24 hours, $75.00 per document for processing within the same day, or $150.00 per document for processing within 2 hours. They also very kind and quick in replying via email for any questions:

4. After this registration form the you need to obtain original EIN from IRS. You will need it for both: state and Federal filing.

5. And finally, remember to file bi-annual operating statement, which costs $7.00. You can do it HERE by finding your company information here an following filing requirements. They usually self-explanatory, easy to follow.

I personally recommend getting your own trademark and connecting it to business name. Trademark application costs between $375.00-$480.00, but protects both your business and any creative ideas, you may come up with in the process. I owe 2 active trademarks right now.

Entertaining Economics ™ represents my business Entertaining Economist LLC and everything about Real Estate Development & Travel, while Marinapolis ® represents my Feng Shui business division and 4 remaining domain names. This was one way I can protect myself from both American celebrities and business elite, to whom my project was creating competition.

When selecting trademark name, do the same research as with the business name, make sure there are no other people already using it and always try to select the name reflecting your business identity, who you are and what you represent as a value.

After you have done with all of these, make sure you create your online corporate representation. Hire a developer or do it yourself corporate website. In a modern world , if you do not have an online presence, you may be loosing 40 % of your possible customer base. Having Facebook page and Twitter is not enough for the real legitimate company.

So, I promote myself on my own platform with LinkedIn. No other profiles for business. After all I promote Old Fashioned Classic Architecture style community, not many people in a modern society like that, especially in US. In-spite of that, I follow my own "uniqueness path, rather then global popularity".

The choice is yours! You can just register LLC with random name and go from there.

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