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Our Black and White vision

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

My father was a dark room photo addict. I spend my earlier childhood in the tiny bathroom with pictures hanging on the string, drying my mom's portraits. She was very beautiful when she was young, he loved to take her pictures. And everyone else's. I learned how to process Dark Room originals. This were 1975 to late 1990th. Now we use Digital Cameras. I use Nikon D5000 to take my pictures and Photoshop to add shadows, if needed.


Photography has been my hobby when I travel. Sometimes, camera can capture things we don't even intend to see or capture. Lenses are fascination tools.  I realized, I often saw more after printing the picture, then while I was actually taking it. It's a counterintuitive feeling, hard to explain.  Capturing movement in nature and human emotions is my favorite part.

Russian River near Frog Woman Rock.jpg


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